XOX Unknown

XOX Unknown is a self-taught visual artist passionate about feeding imagination through experimentation while remaining fluid with mediums, techniques, styles and subject matter. 

Being strongly opposed to judgment humanity places on each other, has prompted XOX to create anonymously, removing the confounding variables  of gender, ethnicity, class, age, physical limitations and appearance. Allowing the art to be appreciated for what it is, not who created it.

The Rock Star Series began with XOX Unknowns’ admiration for musicians and the power music has to create and evoke emotionally charged memories. Inspired by an industry where rules and boundaries are continuously being broken and rebuilt.

*10%of the Rock Star Series is donated to a charity supported by the individual musician*

XOX Unknowns’ abstract series focuses on discovering new & experimental  ways to approach art. This series is emotional and instinctive rather than subject-centered.