“XPOSED: Humans vs. Planet Earth”

An exhibition of art that explores how human’s occupation of Earth has impacted the environment of our planet. 

October 10 to November 3, 2019

Opening Reception October 10  from 4 - 8pm

Files coming soon.

Gallery Artists

Mao (Kun) Chen


Mao's paintings explore themes of  socio-cultural identity, female representation, gender and sexual  politics associated with growing up in a male-dominated society. Broadly  inspired by both  Eastern and Western histories of art – ranging from East Asian  calligraphy to expressionism, Mao’s personal vision of identity and  gender transcends the traditional constructed notions and positions it  within a new aesthetic reality. A recent Master of Fine Art graduate from the University of Calgary, 

Mao also holds a BFA from The University of Edmonton 

and has already exhibited her work in the United Kingdom and at 

numerous galleries in Alberta. 

Mao has won several awards and has been featured in Nod Magazine and the Gauntlet.

Chlan Grant


Chlan studied Fine Art at the University of Saskatchewan and ACAD. Art is a way of life for her and she feels very fortunate to be able to do what she loves. Chlan’s unique contemporary colorful art is displayed on canvas or plexiglass and she enjoys creating art to evoke positive emotion and conversation. 

Chlan also shares her passion for art by teaching kids. Chlan volunteers in schools and creates art with students. The art is then auctioned at a fundraising event which has helped raise over $400,000 for schools in the Calgary area.

J. Broz


Jessica Broz, who as an artist goes by J. Broz is a born and raised self-taught Calgary visual artist.

Her current work is focused on textured abstract art and often includes expressive 

painting applications. Her works are deep, reactive reflections 

inspired by the human experience as well as her personal life including: 

relationships, internal transformations and her own despondency. 

J. Broz has spent five years experimenting with mediums and is known for her application of texture, geometric designs and the dynamic play between chaos and order. Her artistic goals are to contribute to the local art community, society and most importantly - to humanity. She carefully considers what messages she’d like to share within her work and how they could possibly help others on their own journey through this frenetic existence.

Terry Gregoraschuk


After attending the Alberta College of Art and Design Terry worked in the commercial art field as an illuminated sign designer then as Art Director for Western Living Magazine (Calgary Branch). During this time he also created fine art paintings in hopes of one day painting on a full time basis. His dream came true when in 1986 Terry had built up a following and decided to leave the commercial arts field and pursue painting full time. Since that time he has developed a reputation for supplying unique works of art in a multitude of mediums and styles to both the private and corporate sectors and has exhibited at the local, national and international levels. Terry’s artwork is in the collections of, or has been commission by corporations such as Canada Post, Environment Canada, The Royal Tyrrell Museum, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The United Way, The City of Calgary, Medicine Hat Museum, Trans Canada Pipeline, Vancouver General Hospital, and The Esso Art Collection. Inspired by his son’s recent announcement as being transgender Terry has been motivated to start a series of paintings, drawings, photographic collages along with sculptural pieces entitled “Trans4mation,” that portrays the trials and tribulations of gender identity and transformation.

In his spare time Terry loves to cook, travel and write fiction literature, with his manuscript entitled “Boxes” placing in the top ten in the 

“2014 Clive Cussler Adventure In Writing Competition.” 

Jane Lochrie


Jane is a self taught photographer who loves to travel. She captures the exotic and unique landscape and culture of faraway places. Her contemporary photography uses abstract elements to engage the subject matter intuitively. 

The abstractions do not distract from the photograph, but instead appear 

as if they are part of the image, enhancing it and adding depth. Finished with a coat of high-gloss resin, the work is simultaneously contemporary and nostalgic.

Matt Trinh - a.k.a "Hawk"


Hawk is a Canadian painter, printmaker, photographer and traveler

 who currently divides his time between Calgary and Vancouver. 

Hawk is currently working through a number of abstract styles from gestural to painterly expressionism to hard-edged minimalism. 

He specialized in oil and mix media on panel, paper or canvas.

Laura Erdman


More Information coming soon.



More information coming soon.

Keegan Karlsen


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More information coming soon.

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